With Two Rivers Bank’s wide variety of services available, we are sure you will find what’s right for you!

Re-Order Personal Checks

Allows customers to reorder check via Deluxe over the internet 24/7. Customers can reorder checks, view product catalog and check order status through the channel that is most convenient to them.

Re-Order Checks

Re-Order Business Checks

  • Provides business customers with 24/7 access to Deluxe products and services
  • Earn Additional commission on all qualified new and repeat online business orders
  • Increase business customer satisfaction and retention
  • Enhance the value of your own website
Re-Order Checks

ACH Origination

Designed for corporate accounts, ACH Origination is an internet based application that allows corporate customers to generate ACH transactions. Originate payroll and payment ACH files via simple, step-by-step instructions. We offer a system that is powerful, user friendly and more affordable than similar systems through other providers.

Safe Deposit Boxes

We offer various sizes of boxes for rent.1

Size Price
3x5 $30
5x5 $40
3x10 $50
5x10 $60
10x10 $90
Item Service Charge
Late Payment Fee $10
Lost Key Fee $20
Lock Drilling Fee $200 Minimum

1Not all box sizes available at all locations. Large lockers may occasionally be available. Please ask one of our customer service representatives about availability and rental rates. Safe Deposit Boxes are not federally insured.