Card Sentry

Our FREE Card Sentry fraud detection program is offered to all customers who have Visa® debit cards. With this program fraud analysts review card activity and take appropriate action based on the severity of the alert.

Card Sentry/Fraud Detection Program

A representative will contact cardholders on behalf of Two Rivers Bank from 8:00a to 9:00p CST if there is suspicious activity; when calling you, they will validate your identity and confirm the activity in question from alerts. If you would like to confirm the caller’s identity, you may call the bank at (402) 426-9500.

Cards will be blocked when fraud is confirmed or you cannot be reached and the risk of fraud is high. If your card is blocked, a representative from Two Rivers Bank will call you; at which time a new card will be ordered. If you are planning a vacation, please contact the bank at (402) 426-9500 so we will know you will be out of your normal area. Please make the bank aware of phone numbers at which you can be reached if alerts are placed on your accounts.

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